An Endearing Watch from Apple

The first watch came into existence around the 16th century. The watch is supposed to be a true friend to a person. We have needed it all the while in our lives. Considering it to be a requirement or a fashion statement, watches have been there for us, whichever way we choose to exploit it. The invention of a watch in itself is extraordinary and its purpose of serving is remarkable.

It is true that because of the existence of watches, we know a valuable thing called TIME. The most crucial essence or rather the sophisticated nature of time is revealed from a watch. A watch specifies time, which is needed by all. Everything in our life revolves around this small four letters word that is time. Indeed we are blessed to be acknowledged with time.

But with series of generations passing by, the phase, appearance and function of a watch has changed drastically. The whole picture of the watch has changed and more technologies are added onto it that surely impacts the lifestyle of the people.

Apple has launched its smart watch so that we can keep it along with our daily activities. It comes in a very stylish design and a compact size. It has been compiled by incorporating all miniature technologies which gives a good output to all the features stuffed inside it.

apple watch

Therefore a brief exploration on the features of this watch launched by Apple would really be interesting and fun.

  • The design is exquisite and comes in three stylish models. It is not just a watch but a small device which can do wonders of tasks in milliseconds.
  • It cost around 350 dollars.
  • The best and most powerful feature of this device is that it helps you to be physically fit.
  • This device has been strongly designed in such a way that it directly connects with Apple Health App which helps to check your heart beat, cholesterol level, check out the calories you have burnt and a view of your all day long activity. In doing so, you can remain fit all the time and know the necessary steps you are missing.
  • The watch has been framed with a digital touch and you can draw images and text your friends with various smiley options.
  • For those who are using iPhone 5 and above have the advantages of sending and receiving calls from the watch itself.
  • It has its own mic and therefore becomes easy to send quick voice messages to other nearby users.
  • The famous part of this watch is using Siri which is a direct access to exploit Apple assistant and helps in many purposes.
  • A wide and cool set of Apps is incorporated on the watch which can manage things like music, calls, calendar, photos etc. of the iPhone from the watch itself.
  • The only drawback lies in its compatibility that means it can be paired only with iPhone 5 or 6 and beyond that.
  • It can display all the photos from the camera but does not have a built in camera of its own.

With all these features I think the Apple Watch deserves thumbs up.


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