A Brief View of the Beneficent Apps present Nowadays

The term App:

Apps usually stand for Application. It is a small compact form of computer program which has the tremendous capability to run in mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops etc. The basic function of an ‘app’ is to provide easy service in completing a task from the phone itself. The section of Apps is incorporated everywhere but indeed it has a huge demand in smart phones. We can find plenty of apps like internet apps, downloading apps, communications apps (instant messaging etc), multimedia apps, utilities, documents and texts, security, finance and many other necessity items.

Who is behind this?

  • To bring an app into existence, an idea is very important. The idea develops from one’s need and these days one can make his or her own app. There are many websites which give creators of app to design and share. But the competition is very high in the market so it will be just for one’s fun to do so unless it is remarkably good. After the idea is generated, the rest is a bit of programming which obviously programmers do. Some investors create ideas and hire professional programmers to produce it.

Total number of apps currently available

  • There can only be a rough statistics over the number of apps present currently. This is because the market is over flooded with apps all over. If we see the App Store and Google Play we get a margin of about nearly 900000 apps.


Working or Mechanism of an app

  • Prior to using an app, it must be downloaded and installed in your electronic device, be it a mobile phone, desktop, tablet etc. Since apps are often free or otherwise quite inexpensive to get, it becomes more prudent of its increasing demand.

Once it is installed in your device, especially Smartphone’s and Android phone’s, it can perform all the simple task swiftly and with ease.

Process of downloading

  • The easiest and safest way from where one can download an app is from online shops which are operated by the producers of the phone or the operating system. It also depends on the kind of phone or computer you are using. It’s well known that all Apple devices can download apps from App Store. Those who are involved with Android phones can easily download from Android Market. Many have windows phone so they can download from Windows Market. The apps for Nokia phones can be downloaded from the Ovi Store.


There are many other unofficial app stores like the Amazon App store which has to be installed first to take advantage of.

The price of downloading an app varies from its quality and market value. Sometimes you get free ones and other times you have to pay.

Tricks owned by the App Store

  • Sometimes the apps you download from such stores do not get uninstalled easy. This is a way to steal money from you. They do not let you off easily.

Interesting Fact

  • Apps have a life, that is when they rank among the most preferred category but there are some apps which violate the policies of the store or the market. These are then pulled down and are completely wiped out. These are known as the Dead Apps. Then amazingly there are after life apps too which are pulled down from the market just to improve or launch a fresh new version of the existing one.


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