Radio waves and Mobile phones (Few Advantages & Disadvantages)

Brief idea of Radio waves

  • Radio waves are electromagnetic waves which can travel through long distances. This means they have large wavelengths and their frequency varies from 300 GHz to 3 kHz. The velocity of radio waves is same as that of light i.e. 3*10^8 m/s.
  • We are always connected with the radio waves as they are spread all over. We can’t escape it unless we put up some kind of shield which stops it from penetrating our body.
  • The radio waves are widely exploited by mobile phones for communication.


Mobiles phones and its functioning

  • The sleek, classy and handy mobile phones we flaunt with so much pride owe its existence due to prevalence of radio waves in the universe.
  • A mobile phone is a wireless device which means there is no reason of connecting it with huge wire or cables and therefore one can communicate without any difficulty.
  • The necessary components present in a mobile phone are a microchip, microprocessors and microphones. The other items like keyboard, display etc. is present for a purpose of marketing.
  • A mobile phone consists of a radio signal receiver and acceptor. This is the reason why we are able to make phone calls to our near and dear ones.
  • When we make a call to someone, the radio waves thus generated reaches the cell phone mast. From here onwards, it reaches the base station where the weak signal is modulated into a strong one into different compartments also known as cell. Same network results into smaller route and different networks involve larger routes.
  • On receiving calls from someone too, the same process occurs.
  • The cells involved in the base stations are able to cover around 260 square miles.
  • The huge antenna type of things rooted in hilltops or the top of the building are known as the cell mast. This is where all the radio waves or signal assemble and at the same time, are distributed to their base stations.
  • On absence of such cell mast, the network problem arises due to which we are unable to contact the other person.
  • The era of mobile networks has been uplifted greatly in its transition and all the credit goes to the simple radio waves and the wireless stations. Nowadays we are blessed with 4G mobile networks apart from the usual 2G and 3G.


No one knows what next the mobile network will hold the market in the days to come.

Mobile phones and its hazardous or non hazardous effects on health

  • This is a very lengthy debate which has been going on for years.
  • Research is still going on and the surveys done till date cannot provide concrete evidence towards the risk factor.
  • The frequency of radio waves used in case of mobile phone networking lies in the mid range of longer and shorter frequency. The shorter ones are a bit harmful than the longer ones.
  • It has been proven that long, very long exposure to mobile phones has the risks of causing cancer. This is applicable only over a long period of time.
  • Microwaves are able to create 100 Watts of power whereas only a fraction of Watts is produced by mobile phones. Thus one can see the difference.


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