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Home Sweet Home, the phrase is very much familiar to all of us as because there is no other place like a home for an individual. And we all want to take care of our houses and our family. We don’t always able to stay at our home due to our work and job. In such cases we should always think of the security of our home as well as of our dwellings and items. Whether we are at home or not but the items and family members should always be safe. Here are some of the security factors which should be there in all houses.

Safety for the Kitchen

Kitchen safety is of utmost importance. We should keep the knife and all sharp useful things at height so that children can’t reach there. Crockery should also be kept far away from the children’s reach. Match boxes, lighters, harmful cleaning products must be kept in locked cabinets. We should positively install a smoke alarm in the kitchen so that whenever there is any kind of smoke during our absence we can get it through the siren. Avoid installing them close to the windows as because by doing so you can face problems in its functioning. Check the functioning of the chimneys, exhaust and smoke alarms in periodical basis. Clean stoves, ovens and other cooking objects regularly before and after cooking. Cleaning utensils are also equally important. Don’t spray any insect killing spray if there is any cooked food; try to spray those at night after having the dinner. Last but not the least always keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen for safety.
Safety for Bedroom

Bedroom safety is also very important. First and foremost thing is to avoid smoking in the bedroom. Keep your cloths, curtains, bed sheets at least three feet away from the room heaters. Never put any extension cord under the carpets or rugs as it may cause short circuit. Never keep any sharp edged furniture in your bedroom but keep round edged furniture there. Giving regular checkup to plugs and switches in your bedroom will ensure its safety.
Safety for Living Rooms

In case of the living room, have proper ventilation as because it is the most exposed area in your house. Keep it clean ever y day. Use fire resistant plugs and switches in your living room. The wall edges must be round and not sharp edged. The fire place must be made in a distance from curtains and that should be cover with metal fire flame. Switch off the lights when not in use.
Safety for the Bathrooms

Always keep your bathroom floor clean and dry. Keep the shampoos, shower gels far from the reach of the children. Use non-skid bathroom mats to avoid any kind of injuries. Should keep all electrical appliances wrapped in your bathroom. Always use lights in the nights. Keep the heaters and electrical products away from the bathing tubs, shower place and sinks. The basin and sinks should be properly cleaned in regular basis. Keep a freshness fragrance bar in your bathroom to fight with any kind of smell and or insects.
These are some basic safety guidelines to protect our home from any kind of accidents. Keep these things in mind and take a very good care of yourself, your family and your home.


About the Author:

Sonia Shaw is a Freelance Writer who uses to share her experiences by writing online blogs and articles.

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