Regular Skin Care Tips for Summer

The skin care is one of the most important tasks for everyone during the summer. From rest of the days, the days in summer are much more challenging for our skin. The ultra violet rays affect a lot to our skin. So it is very necessary for all of us to take better care of our face as well as other exposing areas of our body during this season. But first of all, it is very important to know about it before going for the perfect cosmetic and other skin care things. Here are some simple tips by which you can take regular care of your skin in summer.

First clean your face and other exposed areas with a good cleanser. Secondly, dry your face after cleansing and apply astringent with a cotton ball. Then apply some oil free moisturizer, if going out put some SPF based sun screens before twenty minutes of outing. Use positively an umbrella and sun glasses while you are out.
But the above tips are just to groom but when you are at home, it’s the perfect time to take care of your skin. Whatever protection you take while you are out, the sunrays leave marks on your face. Tanning, scars are all the effects of the sun rays. So use Cucumber Juice with a cotton ball after cleansing your face when you are at home. Keep it for twenty minutes then wash it off. If you are at home for longer time then make a paste of Papaya Pulp, Cucumber, Tomatoes and apply that paste on your entire face, keep it for twenty minutes then rub gently and wash it with plain water. After that tone your face by few drops of Rose Water. Regular use of this paste will lighten your sun burns and scars and give you an even glowing skin.

Another very important thing to do is to properly clean your face before bedtime, let it dry before applying some nourishing moisturizer on it, keep it for some time then remove it with a wet cotton ball. Allow your skin to dry and have a nice and sufficient sleep at night. Cleansing before bedtime is of utmost importance because summer season has the tendency to secrete much oil from your skin in respect to other seasons and when it merges with dust and pollution then it results in blemished and pimples. So to get rid from these things, proper cleaning is the foremost requirement.

A salon treatment is not needed if we take care of our skin regularly with the home based products. It is our nature to forget about the home products and rush to the salons just by seeing some advertisements. In addition to this want to add that no one knows your skin better than you. So do take proper care of your skin. Have a peaceful summer to all of you.


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