Go Floral This Summer

The shivering days are over and the summer is in its way. Most of us are really afraid of the harsh sun rays, but there is no choice for any of us to make any changes in it. All we can do is to make change in our own taste and choices. It is fact that one has an ample scope to try different things in summer. The wardrobe becomes full which is one of the most important facts during this season to enjoy. So what are you planning to include in your wardrobe this summer.

As we all know the first preference of summer is the cotton fabric with bright colors. But only color doesn’t make much sense. Good prints along with bright colors are always in fashion every year. Designers have given floral prints to the summer clothing both for men and women which are really attractive. There is nothing new about the floral tops or dresses for the women but the newness lies for the men which are also having floral designs in it. There is an old concept that floral designs are not perfect for all ages which is wrong. Anything can go perfect with anyone if someone has the courage to carry that. If someone chooses a floral trouser with a yellow t-shirt it will really be eye catcher. But if a guy wears a plain white t-shirt then most of the eyes will be on him.
For Girls floral prints are always in fashion and they mix and match them with the perfect leggings or bottoms. If she wants to go for floral printed skirts then that will be an outstanding choice for her if the tops be a soothing one and keep a criss crossed bag with her. That can give her a better trendy look. Plain whites are not so much preferable in this season for most of us. Beside floral prints the geometric prints are also in fashion. It also gives a trendy effect on cotton fabrics. The geometric designs have excellent contrast with the fabric color which can be an eye catcher. It is easy to carry and a soothing one too. Colors like lemon yellow, leafy green, blue, etc. will be in fashion this season and we all are going to see new combinations of colors like blue with pink, peach and violet, pink with brown and so on. According to the dress you wear, can style your hair and select appropriate shoes too with it.
Just keep these in mind and buy your dresses and never compromise with your comfort while buying. Happy summer to all of you.


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