Some Simple Daily Care Tips to Get a Glowing Skin

Nowadays most of us wants to get a young and glowing skin and that too to remain forever. But it is not so possible until and unless we take care of our skin regularly. It also doesn’t mean that we got to take a gentle massage from the salon which might not be affordable for all of us. There is no reason to be sad for not having a glowing skin. There are some simple measures by which we all can get a flawless glowing skin. Here are the points:

Firstly, cleanse your face atleast twice a day. Use a gentle cleanser rather than soap to clean your face.

Use a mild scrubber to remove the dead cells from the skin. Use it once a day after cleaning your face with the cleanser.

Moisturize your skin with a suitable moisturizer, apply a sunscreen before the day outings and use a sunglass whenever it is sunny.
At night, clean your face and allow it to dry before applying a good amount of moisturizer. After half an hour wipe off the extra moisturizer with wet cotton ball. Instead of moisturizer you can also use a good night cream.

Have three to four liters of water every day with a proper diet. Fruits and vegetables must be taken.
Have a sleep of eight to nine hours every day. And also keep yourself away from stress and tension.

Give a fruit pack massage to your skin once a week, by using fruits like Banana, Cucumber, Lemon juice, Oranges, if it is summer then Water Melon is a very good astringent.

Use Aloe Vera to enhance the texture of your skin. Just put the raw Aloe Vera gel to your skin and keep it for twenty minutes before rinsing it with water.

Apply a solution of one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoon of unboiled milk, apply it on the face and neck and keep it for half an hour. You will get a comparatively healthy and glowing skin.
image3If we all follow these simple measures regularly we can get a glowing skin what we want. So there is nothing to be worry about it, just start working and taking care of your skin regularly which would help you to reach your goal.


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