Few Valuable Tips on Writing Skill

Writing is an Art. So who don’t want their art to be appreciated by others. Some people love to write whereas some just write. This happens because the latter writes in the manner in how they use to speak. That’s why mostly their writing can’t find a better place in people’s mind. Writing is the best way to put one’s idea and thought before the crowd which is really important in making a change. An old phrase is very famous in this context which says “What Swords Can’t do, Pens Can!” So our writing should focus on the context in which we are writing. Here are few tips on which we should all work on so that we could make our writing a perfect one.

Choose a Perfect Title

The first and the foremost thing is to select an appropriate title for your writing. Because it is the first thing which is displayed and can identify people an idea about it. It must be an interesting one. The more it is interesting the more will it attract visitors. The title must be a descriptive one. And it is also very important to be focused on the topic.

Body must be Relevant to the Title and an Informative one

The most common mistake which is done by some people is that they become trackless from the subject which is not at all a good tactic. Be sure about your topic and proceed on it. After that lie how much you can describe about your subject and how much is it relevant to the topic. Writing an informative article or any content does not mean to frame long sentences. Try to write short simple sentences. This will help people to read and understand your writing.
Language must be Simple

There is a concept related to writing that the use and selection of words must be from the dictionary. This will give the content a better quality, but will not work much as your target is to find your writing in common people’s mind. And that is only possible when they will find your writing of their kind and simple but informative. Keep the flow of information in your content. And don’t write the way we speak but try to write the way one should write.

Don’t Repeat Any Point

The most common mistake made by most of the people is that while writing anything they try to make the older points in other manner if not finding any good point to write which should not be there. So make all your points and paragraphs unique no matter how much long or short it would be.

Don’t Use Unnecessary Commas, Exclamation Marks

Too much use of commas and exclamation marks weaken the quality of the content so don’t use it without a reason. Keep clear and informative sentences in your writing. And don’t use them just for to increase the number of characters.

Moreover, any kind of writing must be nicely aligned and properly framed which means it should contain an Introduction, an informative body and a nice conclusion by which you can end your writing. Just keep these simple points which are discussed above in your mind before writing to avoid any difficulty in the way of writing and also to make your content appreciated by people.


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