13 Awesome Wi-Fi Facts [Infographic]


WiFi is a wireless networking technology which is widely used by people around the world. It has become an important necessity in our life. From use in smartphone, laptops, tablets to smart devices at home it has become a part of our daily lives.

In fact, people who love travelling and stay in hotels they search or give preference to hotels that provide complimentary Wi-Fi facility. Guests also look for fast Wi-Fi facility in hotels. Free Wi-Fi is also available at various public places like airports, cafe’s, railway stations, restaurants etc.

In college and hostels too free Wi-Fi is the need of students. From education to entertainment and much more Wi-Fi has taken its place in a broad spectrum. It has actually become a necessity of our day to day life. We are using Wi-Fi in our daily life from watching videos on YouTube, listening to online music, watching favourite TV shows or series, playing games, using Facebook, Instagram or other social media sites to instant messaging sites like WhatsApp or Vine. Although we are using Wi-Fi technology but there are a lot of facts and interesting information about Wi-Fi that many people still don’t know or have not tried to explore yet.

So, Wave Direct Telecommunications which is an internet service provider for residential and business purpose in rural areas of Ontario, Canada and Texas, USA has come up with a fascinating infographic. The infographic on 13 Awesome Wi-Fi Facts details a lot of amazing facts which can increase your knowledge further about Wi-Fi technology.  Do you know which company invented the brand name Wi-Fi? Do you think Wi-Fi stands for something like Wireless Fidelity? Well it’ does not stands for anything as it’s a technology.

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13 Awesome Wi-Fi Facts & Info Everyone Must Know