10 Tips to Follow While Buying a Refurbished Mobile Phone


Planning to buy an iPhone 6 or some other expensive smartphone but running short on money? Instead of buying a fresh phone, you can give a thought on purchasing a refurbished iPhone6. If you do not have any idea on refurbished phones, here is a brief regarding the same.

What are refurbished phones?

Refurbished phones have been used previously by customers for either long or short duration. However, the customer might return the set to the company for some fault or other reason. The company checks the whole device and carries out all kinds of tests on it. In case of any problem, it is repaired too. This phone is again sold to customers at lower rates than the original prices. Refurbished phones also come with warranty like new phones. Though refurbished phones are used ones, they are better than second hand phones.

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Tips on buying refurbished phones

  1. Locked or unlocked – Locked phones are locked with a single provider, while unlocked phones offer the freedom to use any provider. You know your requirements best so choose accordingly. While buying refurbished phones, make sure that this feature is checked.
  1. Factory settings – Whether you are purchasing refurbished iPhones or other smartphones, check that there is no trace of prior ownership in the device. The memory should be clean and factory setting restorations should be as per your preference. In case there is any existing information in the phone, it means that the refurbishing process has not been successful or there is some other story behind the phone.

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  1. Manufacturer warranty – Do not settle for a refurbished phone that does not come with a warranty. Majority of manufacturers provide warranty on refurbished phones just like in case of new phones. In case any damage is inflected or if some parts need replacement, the warranty comes to help.
  1. Beware of recurring charges – While buying a refurbished phone check that apart from factory program, no other games or applications are loaded in the device. In case they are loaded, make sure that they are not chargeable. Check your phone bill and ensure that no recurring charges are being taken by your provider for the services that you do not want. It is also indication that the phone is not properly refurbished.
  1. Reputation of the retailer or manufacturer – Do not buy refurbished phones from just any phone store. Check the reputation of the manufacturer or the retailer prior purchase and only if their credentials are satisfactory, advance with making the purchase.

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  1. ESN – Under the battery of the cell phone is the ESN (electronic serial number). Each phone has a unique ESN. With the ESN you can find details of the previous ownership of the phone with help of the phone manufacturer. Every detail about the phone can be known from the ESN.
  1. Factory issued accessories – Check that the used iPhone6 that you are buying has all the necessary accessories in the box. This is applicable for other smartphones as well. There should be the charger, the battery, an adapter, the USB cable and similar stuffs in the phone box.
  1. Model history – There are some phones which have operating system issues or mechanical problems. These problems remain in the device even after refurbishing the same. Therefore it is best if the model can be studied in details so that you have information on the pros and cons of the device before making the final purchase.

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  1. Price – Any refurbished phone should come at a rate lower than the original charges of a phone. Many retailers and manufacturers insist that a refurbished phone is as good as new and so the prices remain same. But when you are buying a refurbished phone, you are taking a used phone. So why pay full for a used phone?
  1. Return policy – The dealer’s return policy is an important thing to consider before buying a refurbished phone. Usually these phones come with extension of return policy. If your dealer does not provide these, you should refrain from buying the refurbished phone.


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