10 Steps to Building a Timber Frame Home


Every new home builder has a chance to design and come up with a great structure as compared to those who might be planning to renovate. As you start building your home from scratch, there is no doubt that, you will be able to do much more with brand new materials with noting getting on your way. This is especially true when it comes to the construction of a timber frame home, an option that is steadily growing in popularity with time. However, it is important to know the steps towards achieving your dream.

Below are 10 steps to building a timber frame home:

  1. Determine your lifestyle

The first step towards building a good timber frame home will be to determine your needs as well as your lifestyle. By doing so, you will be able to know where to situate each and every room plus the entrances to each and every part of the house. This will determine the number of rooms and any special needs based on your lifestyle.

  1. Consider the ideal size

The size of the timber frame house you intend to build will be determined by a number of factors such as the size of your family and number of rooms you intend to have. It is worth noting that the size will determine the cost and therefore you might be required to build a smaller structure if at all you do not need much space and are out to save on the cost. Always consider your activities when determining the size of the home.

  1. Factor in any extra components

Every building including timber frame house has some essential architectural elements which are necessary but could eat up into your space. In addition, these components will also suck into your budget if you are not careful and therefore you should have them clearly marked out before you commence with the construction work. These include huge trusses, gabled roofs, massive windows and dormers among others.

  1. Balance everything

Every construction work will require some sort of compromise at some point especially if you are constrained in space and budget. While building a timber frame house, you will need to strike a balance in quality, size and budget to cater for your lifestyle and needs. You might have to reduce some special features or minimize on the size of some rooms to fit your needs and budget.

  1. Choose your house location

As you continue with your plan, it will be important to consider the site as a priority. This will mean considering things such as vegetation, climate, landscape and other factors which are likely to affect your home in the future. You will need to consider things such as wind and sunlight exposure.

  1. Communicate your ideas well

Giving your designer a simple sketch of the timber frame house you have in mind will be important. This will help convey your desired quality and ideas to the professional for easier implementation.

  1. Make sure you are satisfied with the house imagery

Before starting the work, it will be good to imagine yourself in the house. Visualize your family inside the home and “see” whether they are satisfied with everything, you have planned. Consider how the interior and exterior design will look like and make sure you are satisfied.

  1. Decide on your style

Timber frame houses offer a wide range of styles for both exterior and interior designs. Ponder on what it is that you want and implement it during the construction without having to go for modification in future.

  1. Hire a professional builder

If you are not a carpenter, hire a professional to help you in each and every step up to the end. It will be good to work with someone who has experience for guaranteed quality.

10. Buy quality materials

As you buy your timber frames, remember that quality is determined by the kind of material you choose. Go for the best timber and fillers.


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